A Day In The Life of an HR Recruiter at Goertek Electronics

Jane Fan

Jane Fan

HR Recruiter
Goertek Electronics


  • Goertek Electronics is a U.S. subsidiary of the global company, Goertek Inc. located in China, which focuses on the sales, engineering, and R&D efforts of the U.S. tier 1 customers.

  • Jane started her career working in technical sales and pivoted towards the HR industry a few years later landing a role as a recruiter at a boutique agency. From there, she took on project-based work from companies like Tesla Motors for about three years before she was approached by Goertek Electronics.

  • Jane allows us to see what it’s like to be an HR Recruiter for Goertek Electronics, as she navigates through a day filled with candidate calls, onboarding and event planning. 

Job Description

Jane is an HR Recruiter, overseeing the talent acquisition pillar of Goertek while also upholding various HR responsibilities, including developing strategies for employee retention, facilitating onboarding schedules for new employees, planning engagement events and serving as a liaison between employees and the workplace culture.



8:21 AM

Jane woke up, did her best to avoid the snooze temptation, took a moment to stretch and climbed out of bed. She checked the news on NPR and browsed personal emails on her phone. Then, she washed up, got dressed in the clothes she decided on the night before and spent time with her cats to ease into the morning. For breakfast and a little fuel, she had a cup of coffee, a sunny-side-up egg and a piece of fruit. Before she left for the day, Jane applied light make-up and checked Google Maps’ traffic update to ensure she ventured down the quickest route to the office.

9:10 AM

Jane avoided major freeways this day to pass heavy traffic. While driving, Jane received a call from a hiring manager to change the time of a candidate’s interview. Jane pulled over at a strip mall and followed up with both parties to adjust their schedules before heading back on the road. 

While commuting interruptions are not a frequent occurrence, Jane holds herself accountable to provide a premium level of service to each individual involved in the hiring process, even if that means she has to stop what she’s doing during any time of the day to provide her undivided attention. She responds quickly to the hiring managers of Goertek and delivers any relevant messages promptly to the candidate to ensure a seamless experience is administered. 

Jane works with another in-house recruiter who both report to the Director of HR. Jane also works closely with the HR Operations Manager, Facilities Manager and Goertek hiring Managers.

9:45 AM

Jane arrived to work, greeted the office coordinator stationed at the front desk of Goertek’s office building, and confirmed the time of a particular conference call for later in the day. She walked into the breakroom, made herself tea and grabbed a piece of fruit to bring to her desk. She chatted with a Senior Acoustic Engineer and Product Design Engineer before setting up her belongings and getting ready for the day.

10:10 AM

Jane viewed her schedule on Outlook, checked her emails and reviewed the applicants for current open roles she was sourcing. One candidate stood out to her and she reached out to set up an initial phone screen with him.

Jane juggles upwards of ten roles at any given time and routinely collaborates with her direct Manager to prioritize the open positions and streamline search efforts. While viewing around 20 applications each day, Jane drafts submittals for roughly 5% of the candidates she views. Each submittal is composed of an outline of the candidate’s experience, educational background, skillset and met requirements for the role. Jane provides each submittal to the Hiring Manager and after review, schedules interviews with the agreed-upon candidates. 

The candidate Jane spoke to this particular day was a former Goertek employee, interviewing for an Engineering and Program Design Management role. Direct experience in electronic design, ability to travel to the company headquarters in China and a fit with the corporate culture were required qualities. This candidate moved through the entire process and was offered the role shortly after interviewing.

11:20 AM

The Office Coordinator called Jane and let her know a candidate had arrived for a follow-up. This candidate had a previous interview with the Vice President of Sales for the role of Senior Product Design Engineer (Mechanical Engineer). Jane accompanied the candidate into a conference room to assist with any questions before moving forward with the process. 

Jane routinely acts as a middleman between candidates and hiring managers, assisting with challenges or questions needing support throughout the hiring process. On this day, the particular candidate expressed interest in the opportunity of professional growth and Jane presented the information to her direct manager for consideration.

Jane highlights investment opportunities during this stage of hiring and collaborates with hiring managers about a candidate’s value. She serves as a key communicator during salary negotiations voicing support for each individual involved. She advises that candidates understand the full details of their job description before solidifying any compensation expectations. 

11:30 AM

Jane had a phone call to screen a candidate for an Engineering Program Management role. Jane determined this particular candidate was a 70% match for the role and went forward with summarizing the conversation in an email to the hiring manager at their Bellevue office. This candidate did not move forward with the interviewing process, as certain requirements were not met. 

Jane advocates for quick responses to remain relevant and timely with each candidate interviewing process. After submitting feedback on phone screens to the hiring managers, Jane pushes for a response time of 48 hours for the candidate to be updated on the process.

This practice supports her efforts in facilitating a high-level of consumer experience. That candidate may be a fit for a future role, so no bridges should be burned with any candidate that pursued. 

11:50 AM

Jane took a short break to check her personal emails and discuss wedding details with her fiance. While planning the event with busy schedules, the couple stays in communication and makes each financial decision together, to remain aligned and minimize stress.

12:30 PM

Jane had a conference call with the DJ that would be performing at the company holiday party—this is where her HR hat comes out. Jane offered suggestions for the playlist and approved the song selection he organized. 

With prior experience and a genuine interest in event planning, Jane invests time in each employee engagement and keeps herself involved in organizing the details of the productions.

While thinking of a playlist for the holidays, she considered the office’s audience and demographic. Her understanding and attention towards the social preferences of her team, demonstrates Jane’s passion for fostering a cohesive company culture and increasing engagement across the board.

1:00 PM

Jane stepped out for a quick lunch and midday, caffeinated, pick-me-up of Boba Tea. 

Jane Fan-lunch

2:11 PM

Jane returned back to her desk after lunch and sourced for applicants through LinkedIn Recruiter. This premium version of the social networking platform allows recruiters unique functionality to find, connect, organize and manage qualified candidates for expedited and targeted sourcing. She saved three particular candidates and sent an introductory email with details of the role.

While sending initial messages to candidates, Jane keeps her approach concise and inviting. The intention during this stage is to attract the candidate in a genuine manner to spark a conversation of the particular open role. Jane reports roughly 50% of her messages receive a response.

3:14 PM

Jane spoke with the Vice President of Sales and wrapped up a few details of a final offer for a candidate. After mutual dialogue and particular benefit questions answered, the candidate was provided with the offer and accepted the role.

3:30 PM

Jane helped the holiday committee wrap raffle gifts from a previous office party—a Dyson vacuum cleaner, $1000 Visa Gift Card and headphones were among the prizes for the lucky winners. 

4:00 PM

Jane received an email from a candidate to discuss his interest in an open role. She responded to schedule a phone screen for that upcoming Friday. 

With the competitive job market, Jane works with urgency during her involvement in the hiring processes. She follows-up routinely with the hiring managers to ensure feedback is provided for the candidates promptly and practices the same mentality when orchestrating the candidate engagement. Moving quickly allows Jane to acquire top talent from the market and boost the productivity of the processes.

5:00 PM

Jane had a short meeting with her direct boss to discuss her recruitment progress for the week. They reviewed the headcount projections for the following year to begin pre-planning and strategizing to jumpstart future activities. 

The relationship between Jane and her direct manager is crucial to their alignment with initiatives. They have established an open line of communication and transparency to represent a cohesive story throughout the lifeline of shared projects and prioritize tasks during the process.

The success of Jane’s role is not always analyzed by the number of hires she recruits, but rather from a wholesome lens of the health of her talent acquisition portal, instead. Jane communicates challenges in certain roles and reports any gaps the company may currently have within the team. Success in her role is proven with an active pipeline of talent for future or potential openings, along with an engaged and supported internal staff.

5:30 PM

Jane facilitated an orientation for a new employee. She met with the IT department to receive the employee’s MacBook and account information sheet along with preparing company swag to accentuate the individual’s new workspace with custom stationery, writing utensils, customized tote bags and coffee mugs. 

Jane’s passion for delivering an engaged, interactive workplace is represented clearly with her process of facilitating orientation. An employee’s first day of work revolves around meetings with the finance and accounting departments as well as the company’s marketing team.

That’s a lot to cram in in one day, so Jane ensures the day runs smoothly by outlining the agenda or preparing the respective departments for their involvement. Jane discusses benefit information, payroll structure, travel details and processes the employees I9 paperwork during onboarding, as well.

5:45 PM

Jane caught up with emails and scheduled upcoming onsite interviews for later in the week. 

6:08 PM

Jane answered HR related questions for an employee. 

6:15 PM

To wrap up the day, Jane noted her agenda for the following morning, packed her belongings and hit the road to head home. 

6:43 PM

Jane returned home to greet her cats, fiancé and heat up leftovers for dinner. The couple spent time together and discussed the contents of their days, wedding details and finalized their guest list. 

1:14 AM

In the evening Jane normally works through household chores such as washing dishes and caring for her cats. She will wind down while watching a show on Netflix or Hulu and respond to personal texts. 

To promote a work-life balance, Jane tries not to open her laptop unless something requires her immediate attention. As a recruiter, she can easily stay on-call for the majority of the day and she is mindful to minimize this as much as possible while remaining flexible as a necessary component of the job.

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After graduating from school in the San Francisco Bay area, Jane first gained experience working in technical sales and a few years later, sought out a career move to catapult her professional development into a wider spectrum. With a natural attraction towards the HR industry, Jane landed a role as a Technical Recruiter with a recruitment firm where she learned each facet of the business and groomed her ability to navigate the process of candidate placement.

After two years in that role, she shared her talents elsewhere as a project-based Recruiter for Tesla Motors and contract-based recruiting gigs for firms all around California. In 2016, Jane was approached by a staffing agency looking to fill a role at Goertek Electronics that fit with her experience and she began with the company as a contract recruiter.

After a year and a half of building relationships and demonstrating success in her role, she was promoted to an in-house recruiter with additional HR responsibilities and employee relations involvement.   


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