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Regina Gatti

A Day In The Life of an HR Executive Director at Green Key Resources

Regina Gatti creatively describes her role as “corporate casting.” Just as a casting director is looking for the perfect person to fit a role in a movie, Regina works with her team to do the same for her clients. Her performance is evaluated by how many billings she and her team bring in and how her team’s culture is thriving.

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Brent Wardell

A Day In The Life of a Senior Recruiter for Kimley-Horn

Brent is a senior recruiter for Kimley-Horn. His main focus is to help the company grow by hiring key, mid and senior-level partners looking for established, passionate and driven engineers to bring their talents to Kimely-Horn in the mountain region, which includes Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

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A Day In The Life of a Plant-Based Private Chef

Ester Ovcharenko is a Plant-Based Chef & Holistic Health Coach who assists clients in their wellness goals by preparing nutrient-dense meals. Her passion for disease prevention and achieving optimal nutrition inspires her personalized meals for her clients using anti-inflammatory super-foods to support detoxification and cleansing.

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Neela Asaadi

A Day In The Life of a Graphic Designer and Founder of Asaadi Graphics

Neela is a trained graphic designer and experienced brand specialist. By interacting with a wide range of unique individuals and diverse groups, both locally and internationally, she builds a trusting relationship with her clients to fully understand their vision. Through communication and diligent research the experience is seamless from start to finish.

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